Research Article

Year : 2015 | Volume: 1 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 18-24

Complications of Construction in Metro based on Planning and Management

Julie Emerald Jiju1*, 2

Corresponding author

Julie Emerald Jiju*

CSI Institute of Technology

  • 1. CSI Institute of Technology

Received on: 2015/09/30

Revised on: 2015/10/27

Accepted on: 2015/11/03

Published on: 2015/11/15


In the present days, majority of the construction projects can be considered as complex and compose of vague efforts. The construction project of each kind has its own properties and issues. At the same time different approaches in specific management and settlement are required. About the cities and their rapid development, construction of underground at urban regions such as construction in metro have been often used for extending daily human life into spaces of underground. Hence, the complex element recognition of a construction in metro can play a remarkable role in its management and planning. To investigate these complexities in construction of subways is the main aim of this study. These challenges may develop high predictability possibility. As projects of metro are also projects of urban underground, both internal and external complexities are studied and their implications on project management are discussed. It is concluded that differences are exceptional in the management  and planning of   this construction are combined with the internal and external issues and are simultaneously carried out.


Project management, Construction project, Underground spaces, Underground transportation, Integration management.