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JACE.,   Volume(2) - Issue(2), 2016
pp 12-22,   https://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djcivil.org/2016021002

A Review of Construction Techniques in Earthquake Engineering

A K Parvathi;


In the recent decades, developing countries around the world face various disasters by way of volcanic eruptions and manmade explosions with increasing frequency and effect. These effects have resulted in death of a lot of people and damage to their properties. These impacts are more prominent in developing countries. Due to these reasons, there is requirement of some effective measures for the management of disasters. These measures are underway in many countries. This article mainly deals with the effects of earthquake affecting the buildings due to the improper construction techniques employed. These earthquake effects span a wide range and it causes damage to the buildings, resulting in total collapse. It is important to improve the construction industry in order to protect the buildings from disasters. This paper also reviews certain construction methods that are used for minimizing the effect of earthquakes on buildings. The role of building construction in building management system for resisting earthquake disaster is considered. It is concluded that building earthquake resistant features during the construction and design process is possible by applying the techniques of earthquake engineering which would extremely raise the chances of survival of buildings and their occupants in a disaster scenario.


Building construction works, Earthquake resistant design, Construction method, Disasters, Earthquake engineering.

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