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JACE.,   Volume(4) - Issue(1), 2018
pp 32-36,   http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djcivil.org/2018011007

Design and Simulation of Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

Santosh Walke;Rahma Surur Al Ziedi


The main aim of our project is to design a chemical plant for production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in order to achieve a capacity of 10,000 ton per year. The raw materials used in this plant are 2-ethyl anthraquinone, hydrogen, 2-ethyl hydroquinone and oxygen. Selection of the most suitable method for production of hydrogen peroxide is the important task for a design engineer. In addition, world market of hydrogen peroxide and the prices of feedstock and its impact on process selection are addressed. Moreover, the choosing of best methodologies were investigated and compared where one method needed to be assigned as the production method. Material balance and energy balance, design of equipment’s plant, process engineering and economics, plant layout, storage and handling were studied. Finally the results are compared using simulation software HYSYS.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Plant design, Material balance, Energy balance, Simulation.

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