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JACE.,   Volume(5) - Issue(1), 2019
pp 28-31,   http://dx.doi.org/doi:10.18831/djcivil.org/2019011004

A Study on effective use of Concrete in Tension Zone of Simply Supported Flexural Member

A Jerusha;P.M Blessingta


In general, a one dimensional (which is normally horizontal) flexible member is termed as a beam that contributes support to vertical walls and the slab. The normal beam which is simply supported two zones is possible i.e. at bottom tension zone and at top compression zone. Concrete becomes weak in tension, to overcome this, steel is introduced to absorb the tension. Henceforth during the compression the concrete take the compression and the strength of concrete is ignored in tension zone. Therefore, no concrete is required in tension zone. At the instance, concrete is allowed on tension side to act as strain transferring media to steel and may be called as 'Sacrificial Concrete'. So, experimental investigation is done under three cases using the concrete in tension zone. In all the three cases the concrete in compression zone is a high grade concrete. In the first case, the tension zone is of low grade concrete. In the second case, the tension zone is of partially replaced concrete. In the third case, the tension zone is of low grade partially replaced concrete. The specimens made under the three cases are tested for flexural strength for 28 days and the results are compared with the conventional beam, which is made of high grade concrete.


Tension zone, High grade, Partially replaced concrete, Flexural behaviour, Sacrificial concrete.

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