Current Artiles

Prediction of Concrete Properties Using Fuzzy Logic

Shrikant Charhate,Mansi Subhedar, Nilam Adsul

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Perturbation Unsteady Fluid Solutions of Newtonian Fluid

Shakeel Ahmed,Nazir A Mir

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Design and Simulation of Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

Santosh Walke,Rahma Surur Al Ziedi

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Gas Separation by Polymer Membrane

Santosh Walke,Manoj Mandake, Sahil Thool

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Plane Harmonic ElasticWaves in Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Material

A Rehman,Iram Khaliq

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Speed of Plane Harmonic ElasticWaves in Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Orthorhombic Material

A Rehman,Imran Shahid

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Application of New Iterative Method and Adomian Decomposition Method to Hamels Flow Problem

Javed Ali,

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Solution of the Eigenvalue Problems by using Galerkin
Finite Element Method for an External Pot

Azhar Iqbal,Jamshaid ul Rahman

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Unsteady Flow of Grade-3 Fluid in the case of Suction,
Mathematical & Computer Modelling, 38(1-

Muhammad Raheel Mohyuddin,

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