Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes theoretical papers, practice-oriented papers including case studies, state-of-the-art reviews but are not limited to the following: 

Advances in Civil Engineering

  1. Optimization
  2. Hydro and Aerodynamics
  3. Modeling fluid flow and Species Transport
  4. CFD
  5. Mathematical Physics
  6. Modelling in Fluid Engineering
  7. Differetial Equations aspects in Fluids
  8. Viscous and Non-viscous fluids
  9. Newtonian Fluid mechanics
  10. Computer trends in Fluid Mechanics
  11. Aerodynamics

Basic Civil Engineering

  1. Fluid Engineering
  2. Fluid Mechanics
  3. Fluid Dynamics
  4. Construction Management
  5. Environmental Engineering
  6. Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
  7. Structural Engineering
  8. Mechanics of Materials
  9. Materials Science.